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The good news about dealing with rural development in Africa

At Open Africa wherever we go we find that every community has its own latent social entrepreneurs, not many, but a few individuals – mostly women, who have a burning desire and passion to change things for the better. Whether they are skilled or not, old or young doesn’t matter, for passion alone goes a long way to getting things done and if combined with energy it goes even further. 

Open Africa has learned now to search for these doers and shakers and to focus on them in building success stories to serve as inspiration for others to follow. We also connect them with already established entrepreneurs for the purpose of building confidence and cross-pollinating ideas. This has turned out to be a much slower process than we would have liked, but the reality is that there are no magic wands when it comes to social upliftment – it starts and ends with people, and building on their strengths as individuals is the first most important thing to do.

The second most important thing is to nurture, nourish and disseminate success stories – every great accomplishment starts with a small success story.