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A break in the story

footpnt2_page_0002.jpgIn this blog, a first for Open Africa in this sphere and in raising funds through the Internet, we have been telling the story about the unfolding of this initiative to counteract both joblessness and its debilitating affect on biodiversity.There is still much to tell, but first something else. 

During the last few days we received our first donations via WildlifeDirect. Pirjo I and Brenton H we do not know who you are but we do know what your contributions mean to us, not only in Dollar terms but in the enormous encouragement this gives us. We can do nearly 10 times as much with a Dollar as we can with a similar unit in our own currency, which significantly multiplies the usefulness of your contribution. But it is not just about the money. Social entrepreneurship is about combining the strengths of as many individuals as possible in effecting change on an issue of common concern. As in a swarm of honeybees, every individual effort makes a difference to accomplish in the end what is a magnificent result. By joining us you have done the same and we hope you will watch this blog to see the result. Thank you very much for your support.