Monthly Archives: June 2009

A gutsy court decision

“Canned hunting is a blight on the reputation of the country and it does not contribute to biodiversity conservation objectives, is an inhumane and unethical practice and in fact may pose a threat to conservation.” That is the kind of judgement we like to see, delivered recently in the South African High Court. The Court […]


The rationale behind Open Africa’s thinking regarding conservation has from the start been that this concept is a bit of a misnomer in Africa, for how can one expect people whose children are starving to care about animals and plants? Seen from their perspective this is an affront that makes no sense in practical terms. […]

CBT at the coalface – a guest perspective

Kurt Ackermann wrote a flattering blog on Open Africa with the above heading at recently, which prompts the thought of whether tourists are tourists and travellers something different? Tourists are passive, want to be entertained, avoid hassles and like things to be well organised. This being the case, you would expect visitors to Open Africa routes, which […]