Time out

barotse-trails-background1.JPGDo you have a secret desire to see Africa but are afraid of what you may find there? Think about it. 

If the answer is yes, consider the following. There is an explanation. It could be that your soul is yearning to come home. To come home to the birthplace of humankind, where your and my ancestors paved the way for who and where we are today. 

This is not fanciful. People who know will tell you that just one day in the African bush can change your life forever. But of course everyone is hesitant about visiting Africa. The continent with the worst PR in the world. 

Which is why Open Africa is trying to show the other side of this story and urgently needs your help. Rural Africans are among the most peaceful souls on Earth, protectors of the world’s greatest biodiversity. Poor monetarily but bountifully rich spiritually, they occupy some of the most spellbindingly beautiful places imaginable. And their hospitality, charisma and friendliness is legendary.

We have been going a long time and have made a big impact (see www.openafrica.org ). But the financial crunch has us staring down the barrel. Not critical yet but uncomfortably close.  Just a few dollars could make the difference.

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