Monthly Archives: April 2009

Time out

Do you have a secret desire to see Africa but are afraid of what you may find there? Think about it.  If the answer is yes, consider the following. There is an explanation. It could be that your soul is yearning to come home. To come home to the birthplace of humankind, where your and my […]

Merging a dream with reality

 Anton Rupert, an extraordinarily successful businessman who founded and built up a huge empire, once said that people who do not believe in dreams are not realists. Right. We agree. But you can’t achieve a dream without facing reality. If you have been following this series of blogs you will know by now that Open […]

In the market you need a symbol, an icon or logo

Once the Open Africa vision could be proclaimed as something to which Africa’s people can subscribe, associated with pride and holding a promise in which all can genuinely believe, we needed a symbol to reflect the spirit of this. Quite different talents are required for such things and when an artist volunteered to have a crack at […]

A break in the story

In this blog, a first for Open Africa in this sphere and in raising funds through the Internet, we have been telling the story about the unfolding of this initiative to counteract both joblessness and its debilitating affect on biodiversity.There is still much to tell, but first something else.  During the last few days we received our […]

Dreams need champions

Africa has its own champion of champions, Nelson Mandela. At the time Open Africa was established he was president of South Africa and had come to be known as one of the world’s leading citizens. Reflecting on it now, our approach to him to become Open Africa’s patron was audacious, for other than passion we had […]