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Holding to a dream is one thing – turning it into reality is something else altogether

   Implementing the Open Africa initiative led to the development of and then the first route, the Southern Overberg Fynbos (featured in these images). Dreamers are visionaries and according to the futurist, Joseph Okpaku, they tend to dispense with the stepping-stones in crossing the river from the known present to the unknown future. Visionaries simply conjure […]

A vision turns into an African Dream

Following the Open Africa idea, for that is all it was to begin with, a think tank was formed to come up with a plan. By 1995 the plan solidified into the vision to link the splendours of Africa in a continuous network of tourism routes from the Cape to Cairo. The next thing was to operationalize […]

Do dreams really work? Try this one for size and tell us what you think.

The formation of Open Africa has its roots in the lead up to the freeing of Nelson Mandela back in the early 1990’s. Worried that the euphoria surrounding the prospect of South Africa’s political emancipation was masking the other great problem, of joblessness not just here but in Africa generally, Noel N de Villiers was […]